ok, so I’ve got a printed design, I’ve got my crystals and my tools, now what? you can click here to see or download a pdf summary with pictures

It’s time to set the crystals to the design! Get ready to focus!

  • We will use “hot fix” crystals – the back of them has an adhesive that melts with heat to fix the crystals to the fabric
  • We will use Mylar film to overlay our design and set the crystals (stones, bling, rhinestones) on the design upside down
  • And then iron on to the shirts (or whatever)
  • Much more efficient and precise than setting each stone on the shirt individually

Here’s the supplies you need (if you are coming to a Wombat Workshop, these will be provided). Ask me for suppliers or search the web if you want to learn more about getting these items.

  • hotfix crystals in the colors and sizes called for by your design
  • mylar film; acrylic is also sold, however when I used it, I found it to be thin (easily crumpled) and would stick to itself in an annoying fashion. Hotfix paper is a 2 part paper – a clear heat resistant plastic sheet and a white opaque protective backing
  • scotch tape
  • a set of tweezers in a design that you are comfortable with (straight, curved or bent – with flat gripping ends or pointed), a wax pencil, or a sticky pick marketed especially for hotfix application
  • a flat foam square to keep the crystals from roaming – we have generally used felt

Now you’re ready to start setting

  • We generally tape the design to our table or work surface
  • Separate the mylar film from the white backing
  • Tape down the film, sticky side up, to the design (Note – if this is a design you will use often, you might want to laminate it)
  • Use a felt square as a palette for your stones; put out an adequate number of crystals – you want to avoid dumping to much, too quick so that they get sprinkled everywhere. If you are using multiple colors, it is advisable to work with one color at a time on your palette, making it easy to put the leftover crystals back with the same color
  • Use your tweezers or other tool, pick up your crystals, color side down, on the dots in your design. You should see the grey or gold hotfix adhesive facing up.
  • When you are done placing the stones (or need to take a break or take your design elsewhere) replace the white opaque sheet to keep your design protected until you are ready to use it.

Then, you are ready to complete your masterpiece!