At its simplest, the process of blinging (decorating fabric with crystal stones or metallic dome studs) has 3 steps

  1. Create your design and print your design template
  2. Set crystals to the design template
  3. Complete the project by ironing the crystals onto your shirt

For this version of the website, we will concentrate on the basics of blinging your camp name onto your camp shirt.

There are a few degrees of complexity, depending on your experience and comfort level

  1. Have someone else make your design template
  2. Use the on-line camp creator functionality (currently live for the Dotline, Jarman Dotted, and Sassoon fonts)
  3. Download and install one of the fonts that I have calibrated to the 3 most useful crystal sizes
  4. Find a new font on the web or on your computer that you’d like to see light up your shirt

The two most important things to remember in creating your own camp name template are