(pictures and details to follow)

Camp Names; locations, units, staff and aide nick names; our geeky world

Common GS traditions like Singing Benches, Flag Ceremonies, Words of Wisdom (don’t say the “a-word”, making lanyards, crafts, tie dye, SWAPs, midweek overnight

Practices from other councils – Aides-in-Training, Preschool and Male Children of volunteers

Our own; Crowning our rising high school seniors as they progress, recognizing their last year before returning as adult volunteers, Camp Passports, making our crafts and snacks geeky and tie to the day’s theme, tie dying white on white shirts with our logo, Throwback Thursday with so many different years of camp colors, the @’s, @ night. Bling it On, Technology Goddesses SWAG

Crazy word searches like this one- here – Ceal did it, can you?

Check out our camp colors through the years