Daylight Taps. 69

Green Trees. 69

Taps. 69

Taps From Around the World. 70

Daylight Taps

Thanks and praise

For our days

'Neath the sun

'Neath the stars

'Neath the sky

As we go

This we know

God is nigh



Green Trees


Green trees around us

Blue skies above

Friends all around us

In a world filled with love

Taps sounding softly

Hearts beating true

As we all say,

Goodnight to you.









Day is done

Gone the sun

From the lake

From the hills

From the sky

All is well

Safely rest

God is nigh


Taps From Around the World




C'est la nuit

Tout se tait

Sur les plaines,

Les collines,

Et les bois;

C'est la paix

Tout est bien

Et Dieu vient.





D'avand valt, alles zwijgt

Zachtkens ruist over zee, bos en hei,

Winde groet, alles wei,

God nabij.




Dagen, randt, solen svandt

Bort fra himmel, fra hav, cg fra land,

Hvil kuntrygt, Fred i sind,

Gud er naer.




Dagem dor, skymning rar

Over skog, over berg, over hav,

Allt ar ro, vila trygg,

Gud ar nar.




Ilta saa uinahtaa,

Paivyto vetten ja, metsien taa,

Tyyn ny rain, Luamas on

Herre ain.