Art to Wear


Stamped T-shirts (All Levels)

T-shirts 100% cotton

Trefoil Template

(Use a Cookie Cutter as a pattern or trace onto old plastic lid and cut it out )

Kitchen sponges

Paper Plates

Fabric Paint

Fabric Paint pens

T-shirts should be washed and dried without fabric softener prior to stamping.Place several thicknesses of newspaper in between the front and back of theshirt to prevent the paint from bleeding through. Trace the Trefoil pattern ontokitchen sponge and cut it out. Pour paint onto a paper plate. Dip the sponge into the paint on the plate. Press lightly onto a spare plate to remove excesspaint and stamp onto the shirt. Use fabric paints to add troop numbers or namesinto the centers of the stamps.

Spiral Tie Dye T-shirts  (2nd or 3rd year Brownies)

T-shirt 100% cotton

Fabric Dye Red, Blue and Yellow

3 Condiment Squirt Bottles

3 rubber bands for each shirt

Prepare fabric dye. Pour each color into a separate condiment container. Make sure the T-shirts have been wash and dried without fabric softener. Lay the shirt out flat on a table. Starting in the center of the T-shirt twist the shirt using a spiral motion, into a flat donut shape. Place one rubber band across the center. Place the two remaining rubber bands to form 6 equal sections. You now have the beginning of a color wheel. Start with red and saturate the first three sections with the red dye. Next start at the third red section and cover it with yellow dye. Also saturate the next twosection with yellow dye. Starting on the fifth section add the blue dye. Continue to add blue to the last undyed section and also dye the first red section. You should now have a color wheel of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.  Let sit for at least 10 minutes, longer if you havetime. Rinse until clear then remove the rubber bands. Hang to dry.

Colors and Shapes

Stencil Stampers

Stamped Holiday cards


(Use Cookie Cutters or trace patterns onto old plastic lid and cut it out )

Kitchen sponges

Construction paper


Paper Plates

Fold construction paper in half to form a card. Pour Paint onto paper plates.Dip sponges into the paint.. Press lightly onto a spare plate to remove excesspaint and stamp onto the construction paper. Glue a sheet of white paper into the inside of the card and write your note.

Colors and Shapes Mobile

Paper Doilies

Red paper plate

Red construction paper (or use pink for hearts)

Red yarn


Optional glitter, photos

Cut out center of paper plate so you have just a ring. I do this prior to the meeting. Then cut out circles with the red construction paper and heart shapes, Paste whole Doilies and cut up doilies to both sides of circles/hearts. Decorate with glitter, or photos of the girls in the troops or Valentines Day sayings. Punch hole in top and hole in ring, affix with yarn. Attach a hanger thread for mobile.


Run yarn through plastic straws, leaving a good length hanging on each side. Then cross 3 of these straws and staple the center. You can hang almost anything from them. The girls like assortments and we usually use either fun foam cutouts or construction paper.                                                                                     Halloween - ghosts, bats and pumpkins Christmas - trees, bells, angels, stars, etc

Making Dough Shapes

Dough Recipes

Peanut Butter Play Dough

(You can eat this recipe)

In a medium bowl, combine 2 cups of peanut butter, 2 cups powdered milk,and 3 tablespoons honey. If too sticky, add more powdered milk, one table-spoon at a time. If desired, add chopped nuts or raisins. Be sure to wash yourhands before playing with the dough.

Play Clay Ornaments

1 pound box Baking Soda

1 cup Corn Starch

1 1/4 cups cold water

Stir together baking soda and corn starch in saucepan.

Add water and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture reaches consistency of moist mashed potatoes (approximately 10-15 minutes.If cooked too long, finished ornaments may crack. Remove and put on a plate.

Cover with a damp cloth. When cool enough to handle, pat until smooth.Roll out and cut with cookie cutters or form shapes. When sticking one pieceto another, remember to moisten where the pieces are joined.Food coloring may be added to the mixture before cooking or afterward by putting desired amount into a zip-lock bag and kneading until color is mixed into dough.

Dryer Lint Modeling Material

3 cups lint

2 cups cold or warm water

2/3 cup flour

3 drops oil of wintergreen

old newspaper

Put lint and water in a large saucepan. Stir to dampen all parts of the lint.Add flour and stir thoroughly to prevent lumps.Add oil of wintergreen. (preservative) Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture holds together and formspeaks. Pour out onto several thicknesses of newspaper to cool.Shape as desired. Dries 3-5 days.

Weaving Color Patterns


Plastic strawberry baskets

(Your local grocery store may be happy to have you take them).

Crepe paper streamers, ribbon, or strips of material.

Pipe cleaners in assorted colors.

Wash and clean the basket. Fold strips of crepe paper streamer lengthwisein half reducing it's width. Use roughly an arms length of streamer. If youwant a nice bow, then start weaving from the middle of one side of the basket,with the middle of the ribbon. Weave one half then the other and stop at the opposite side, and tie a bow. Begin weaving the streamer/ribbon/material throughthe holes, any way you want. When done braid three different colors of pipe cleaners and attach to either side of the basket as a handle. Catch short pieces of crepe paper/ribbon/material into the braid for a nice effect. Fill the basket with whatever you like. I've made chocolates, felt, paper cup, egg carton flowers all

with pipe cleaner stems.

Yarn baskets:

Paper Plates or Cardboard Circles


The size of the basket will be determined by the size of the plate used. Tracea circle in the center of the plate. This will form the bottom of the basket. Cut at one inch intervals inward around the edge to the line marked by the circle. Fold the cut strips upward at the circle. This is your basket frame. Now cut pieces of yarn about a yard long. Starting at the circle at the bottom, weave the yarn inward and outward around the strips. Keep going until you run out of yarn and leave the ends on the inside of the basket. Cut another piece of yarn You can chose different colors to make a pattern. Push the yarn down as you work your way around so that the weaving will be tight and the plate will not show. Finish by tucking the yarn ends into the woven part so that they do not show.You can make a cover for your basket by tracing around the top of your basket onto another plate. Allow a little extra for a good fit. Cut the plate about an inch larger and cut around the edge again at one inch intervals. Fold upward as before. Weave inward and outward through the strips. Finish as before. When you put the cover on top, the bottom of the plate will now become the top. Girls can write their names and decorate the topwith markers or fabric paints.

Alternate ideas:

To make necklaces: (These make cute name tags for events):Cut smaller circles. Do not fold the cut strips upward, just weave in andout around the edges. Decorate the centers as you wish - with stickers, markers, fabric paints or even a photo cut out. Cut a piece of yarn long enough to go around girl's head and tie to circle.

To make pencil cup holders:

Use a plastic soda bottle as a base. Cut off the top (save to be used as bubble blowers, scoops, funnels, etc.) Cut the strips downward at one inch intervals. Weave in and out as before.


Construction Paper

Markers or crayons

5-6 Crepe Paper strips 24" long



Use one full sheet of construction paper as the body of thewindsock. Glue the crepe paper along the horizontal edge. This is theback of the windsock. Leave approx a 1inch space on each end of thepaper to allow space to staple the paper into a cylinder shape. Fold  1 sheet of construction paper in half across the width. Cut 7 slits into the paper and weave strips of construction paper through it. Securethe ends with glue. After the girls have woven the windsock and attachthe crepe paper strips to the back. Roll the paper into a large cylinder and staple at the top and bottom to hold its shape. We usually add a double strip of construction paper as a handle.


Tie-Dye Butterflies 

2 paper coffee filters per girl

Food coloring Blue, Red and Yellow

Wooden clothespin

Pipe cleaner 3 inch piece

2 wiggle eyes per girl

Spray bottle of water

Cover you work surface. Separate the coffee filters. Fold each in half, then fold again and fold a third time. You should end up with a small fan shape. Place 2 drops of blue, 2 drops of red and 2 dropsof yellow onto the filter in different areas. Spray with water. Let sit 1 minute then open and let dry.( It usually takes only 5-10 mins) Repeat with the second filter. Gather 1 filter into a bow tie shape, when dry, and place into the clothespin. Repeat with the 2nd filter. Bend the pipe cleaner into a "V" shape and also place in theclothespin. Glue wiggle eyes on the top of the clothespin.

I had my kids cut snowflakes out of coffee filters and we dipped them in colored water before unfolding them. Try using several different colors for a tye-dyed effect. Or fold tissue paper into a small square or triangle. Dip into thin paint or food coloring. Carefully unfold and hang to dry.

God's Eye

Assorted Colors of Yarn

2 Crafts sticks or any 2 six inch sticks

Place the sticks into a cross pattern. Tie a piece of yarn onto one of the sticks. Wrap the yarn over the stick once. Wrap the yarn over and under the next stick. Always wrap over the top then under and continue over to the next stick. Continue wrapping and turning the sticks. Make as full as you like. Tie a knot at the end. Use toothpicks and embroidery floss for smaller god's eyes.


Dance on stage

Take the girls to a local performance of the Nutcracker. Most Theaters will give Girls Scouts a discount when asked.


Friendship Pins   Teach to Sing Make New Friends during this activity.

Small Gold safety Pins

1 gold bead 3mm

1 silver bead 3mm

3" strand of embroidery floss in Blue, Green and White

Small piece of tape

Open the pin and have the girls place the gold and silver beads on the pin. Close the pin. Twist together the blue, green andwhite floss. Use a small piece of tape to hold the end togetherand thread through the circle end of the pin and tie a knot. Iusually teach the girls to make a square knot at this point. Thenwe exchange the pins with our new friends.

Special Girl Scout Ways

2 sheets construction paper use 2 different colors

Pencils or Markers



 Each girl should trace their hand with one of the pieces of paper and cut itout. Then glue the hand onto the second sheet of construction paper. Benddown the thumb and pinky to form the Girl Scout sign (three fingers up).

Girl Scout Necklace

30" of each: red, yellow, orange, blue, purple yarn or embroidery floss3 - 3/4" round wooden green beads

The 5 strands of yarn represent the 5 Worlds of Interest:

Red- The World of Well-Being

Blue- The World of People

Purple- The World of the Arts

Yellow- The World of the Out-of-Doors

Orange- The World of Today and Tomorrow

The 3 green beads represent the 3 parts of the GS Promise

1.    Place all 5 pieces of yarn together.

2.    Recite the GS Promise as you string the beads on to the yarn.

3.    Push the beads to the center of the yarn.

4.    On each side of the beads, tie 5 overhand knots (10 all together)

These represent the 10 parts of the GS Law.

Read or recite the Law as you tie the knots.

5.  Put necklace around your neck and tie the ends in a double knot, being sure to keep

        the necklace long enough to put on and take off easily.

6.     Trim the ends.

7.     Explain your necklace to someone else!




4 oz. white school glue

1 cup water

Liquid food coloring

1 teaspoon borax

Pour the glue and 1/2 cup water into a bowl. Mix. Add a few drops food coloring. Put remaining 1/2 cup water into another bowl. Add 1 teaspoon Borax and mix well. Pour the two mixtures together and stir. You should have a thick mass in a liquid. When the glob has formed into one chunk, pour off the remaining liquid. The mixture thickens when you knead, stretch, and play with it. CAUTION: Do not eat. Avoid carpet and furniture.


2 tablespoons white glue

food coloring

cover with 1 tablespoon liquid starch

wait 5 minutes


1/3 cup plaster

4 tablespoons water

food coloring

Form in cookie cutters or toilet tissue paper tubes lined with waxed paper.

Allow to dry well.


Line a cookie sheet with foil and arrange metal cookie cutters on top or use an

old muffin pan with liners. Take old stubs of crayons and break them up into

the shape. Put in approximately 250 degree oven where they will melt. Remove

carefully. Cool. Single colors or no more than three work best.


1 Cup Rock Salt

1 Tsp Glycerin (available at pharmacies)

30 drops Fragrance Oil (usually located by potpourri at a craft store)

Mix well. A few drop of food coloring may be added to tint the salts.


1 box Epsom's salts (2 qt)

Food coloring

Perfume or fragrance

 Pour the salts in a large bowl, use food coloring to reach the desired color. Add fragrance if desired. I let the kids mix this with their hands.  Decorate cheap bottles to put the salts in. These make great gifts.


2 parts glue 1 part white vinegar

Mix the ingredients together and brush onto anything you want to use as a sticker

Sticker Solution

With this solution, you can turn magazine pictures, wrapping paper motifs, or comic cutouts into customized stickers.

11 teaspoon flavored gelatin

2 teaspoons boiling water

Place gelatin & boiling water in a small bowl. Stir until the gelatin is dissolved. Let mixture cool 1 minute. While the sticker solution is warm, brush a thin coat on the back of each cut out. Use your finger or a small brush. When dry you can lick them & stick them on paper or glass just like a real stamp!

Buddy Bracelets

Take two different colored pieces of yarn about 18" long.  Have the girls buddyup and hold the ends of each together.  Each girl should twist in the samedirection so the the pieces of yarn are twisted tightly.  After the twistingis tight, fold the strings in half and knot at the end.  They will curl up andlook like braiding.  Wrap the braid around the girl's wrist and slip theknotted end through the first link in the braid.  This makes a great braceletand the more colors the brighter and wider the braid.  Our girls liked it somuch they ended up with anklets and left some braids in long strands that were


- get a partner - "a friend"

1.  Take the two pieces, put them together, and each person holdsan end - while holding tight, the person making the friend, twiststhe wool as tight as possible - This signifies how tight and strongyou want the friendship to be.

2.  The person making the friend, rubs the string - to smooth outany differences you may have with the other person - and stop yourfinger in the middle of the length.

3.  The new friend, folds her end, with the other person still holdingthe middle, and gives her the other end to signify giving herfriendship also.

4.  The person making the friend ties a knot at her end signifyingthe sealing of the friendship, that cannot be broken.

5.  The person making the friend then takes the wool and shakes, itsignifying shaking all the parts of the friendship that might causeproblems and arguments.

6.  What you have left is a Friendship Twist, which you give to yournew friend.

You can make these longer to go around camp hat band to identifypatrols.  I once took this craft to Brownie camp and the browniesliked it so much they used up all my wool that I have for anothercraft.

Friendship bracelets

the colors on a friendship bracelet can mean things pertaining to the theme you want to use. For a nature theme I have used bright blue=water,light blue=sky=green=grass/plants, yellow=sun, white=moon, brown=soil/earth. Seems like there is something in the Brownie Handbook about this theme, a poem possibly or a story. We have also used it on a girlscout/thinking day theme..brown=African american girls, yellow=asian girls,green=girlscouts bringing all different girls together as scouts(always would go in the middle), red=Native American girls, white= caucasian girls.

Crafts to make or use outdoors

Bird Seed Heart

Flat wooden heart

non-toxic glue


1/4 inch ribbon (approx. 6 inches)

Glue ribbon to the heart to form a hanger. Cover the wooden heart completely in non-toxic glue and then place the heart in a bowl of bird seed. Cover the entire area of the heart with the birdseed making sure no bald spots are left anywhere on the heart. Let the glue dry and touch up any spots where the birdseed may have fallen off, etc. Hang bird biscuit in a tree or somewhere birdshave easy access to it.

Bird Feeder

Cut an orange in 1/2 and scoop out all of the pulp.   (This could be the snack, breakfast or you could ask the kids to bring their already hollowed half of an orange). Punch three holes about 1/4 of an inch from the top spacing to form a equilateral triangle (all the sides are equal).   String some yarn through each hole and tie at the top.   You can adjust length depending on where they will be hung.  Fill your orange with peanut butter and birdseed mixture or whatever other type of mixture you like.   If the children are young, have them put the peanut butter and birdseed on before you punch the holes or they will get it all over the yarn

and it makes for pretty messy hanging!  Have fun!

Wind Chime

numerous orange juice lids


nails of various sizes

one hammer per girl

a block of wood per girl just bigger than the juice lid

a coat hanger per girl

Each girl needs a piece of wood and a hammer for her "work station".Give each girl about six lids (more or less depending on the number you have).The girls can then place one lid at a time on their block of wood.Using the hammer and nails the girls can hammer out holes to make whatever patterns they want. When all lids have been designed they can be strung from a hole punched in the top of each lid to a coat hanger or other suitable object.


Cut the top and bottom off a soda bottle so that you have a clear plastic tube.  At one end, the top, punch 4 holes with a hole punch.  These should be evenlyspaced apart.  Tie a 6-8 inch piece of yarn or ribbon to one of the holes.  Tie the other end to the opposite hole.  Tie another piece of yarn or ribbon (same size) to a third hole, attaching the other end to the opposite hole.  This becomesthe hanger.  Punch about 10 holes in the bottom of the tube.  Tie curling ribbon, satin ribbon, etc., to these holes as desired.  Hand in your favorite windy spot!

Ocean Waves

Clear Plastic Water/Pop bottle (approximately 20 oz - 1 liter)

Mineral or Baby Oil

Food Coloring


Fill half with baby oil (mineral oil), and half with water with a few drops of

food coloring in it. (I actually prefer a little less water). Screw on cap tightly!!

Rotate on side up & down, and watch the waves.



We took the bandana, opened it up and only beaded around one corner. We started midway along one side and went around the corner to midway along the next side. We made 2" long cuts every 3/8". The corners were a little trickier because we had to cut away some of the fabric to make it a strip that would fit through the hole in the bead. No real formula to this, just eyeballed it. We used pony beads (some were the heart-shaped ones) and every girl counted how many strips they had and then counted out their own beads. They used about 30-35 per bandana, give or take a few. We used toothpicks to help push the fabric strip into the hole of the bead. Even the resistant girls liked this project and we found cool colored bandanas at KMart (pink, purple and teal).

Colorful Paper Weights  (Good Camp-out activity)

Smooth stones or rocks, about the size of a paperweight

Damp rag or brush

Cookie sheet covered with aluminum foil

Pot holders


Old, broken crayons

A soft rag

If the rocks are dirty, clean them with a brush or damp rag. Let them dry. Place them on a cookie sheet covered with aluminum foil. Place the rocks in an oven at 200 degrees. (Or Over a hot fire.) Let the stones "bake" for 2 hours. I do this prior to the meeting. Cover the table with a thick layer of newspapers. After 2 hours, take the cookie sheet out of the oven. Using a pot holder, place the rocks onto the newspaper. Always use a pot holder when touching the rocks. To make designs, press down with the crayons on the tops of the hot rocks right away, letting the wax melt. To draw pictures, like flowers or fish, let the rocks cool for about 5 minutes before you draw on them. Put the finished rocks back on the cookie sheet. Let them cool overnight. The next day, polish each rock with a soft rag until it looks shiny. This will take a minute or two.


12 Small clay pots (approx 3 inches high)

Silk Daisy Bush

1 1/2 inch styrofoam ball

1/4 inch wide ribbon



Spanish Moss

Cut the silk bush into 12 stems with 2-3 flower per stem. (this may vary bushto bush). Cut the styrofoam ball in half. Place into pot. Cover with small amount of Spanish moss. Press the floral stem into the styrofoam ball.  Loop the ribbon four times around your first finger and thumb. Twist a small piece of wire aroundthe center of the loops. Press wire into the styrofoam ball. Write your Troop level, ie Daisy or Brownies and add the year.

Holiday Crafts


Paper grocery bags (or craft paper)

cookie cutters

glue (low-temp glue or craft glue)


fiber fill (or shredded newspaper)

ribbon for hanger

colors, markers, paints

beads, sequins, stones, lace, etc. (optional)

 Trace cookie cutters (such as a snowman, mitten, tree, candy cane, etc.) onto

paper bag, and cut out (they need two of each).  Glue them together along the

edges, leaving part open. Stuff with fiberfill (or old newspapers), add a ribbon

loop (or something comparable), close the opening with more glue.

Embellish the outside with paints, etc.

Coffee Filter Angels

2 coffee filters

2 cotton balls

Gold pipe cleaner

Gold gift wrap cord (2" pieces)

White ribbon, (2 (4") pieces)

Place 2 cotton balls in center of filter, fold coffee filter in half, and form

the head of the angel by making a ball and using the ribbon to tie it up.

You can place a small loop in the center of the ribbon to use as a hanger,

then tie the bow in front. Split the coffee filter up the back and fold the

"wings" in accordian pleats. Secure with a spot of glue as needed. The

angel is finished by putting on the gold halo and a face if you want to.

Hershey Kiss Ornament

1 styrofoam ball cut in half  1/2 or 1 inch balls

aluminum foil



computer printed strips or labels that say "Merry Kissmas"

Cut your styrofoam ball in half. Also cut your aluminum foil into small

squares and cut ribbon into lengths of less than 3 inches. Place flat part

of 1" ball on foil. Make a loop with your ribbon (fold in half). Place ends

of ribbon along side of ball, dab in a bit of glue and gather the foil up

around the top of the 1/2 ball to make a Hersheys Chocolate Kiss shape.

Once the glue dries you can use the loop to hang your ornament. To finish,

glue the Merry Kissmas label across the outside near the top of the Kiss!

Fun Foam Shapes

Red and green fun foam

Clear-drying glue



Christmas cookie cutters (trees, bells, stars, etc.)

Self-stick magnetic strips

Hole puncher

Red and green ribbon

Use Cookie Cutter to cut thin Fun Foam into the cookie cutter shapes.

Make sure you have a hard flat surface or trace cookie cutter shapes on

foam. Cut out shapes. Apply glue, sprinkle with glitter and sequins. Let dry.

Punch hole at top, insert ribbon loop for hanging.

Poinsettia Napkin Rings

red and green felt


Cut 1 - 3 inch square and 1 - 4x8 inch rectangle from the red felt.

Cut 1 - 4 inch square from the green felt. Starting with the red; using

the rectangle cut a dog bone shape lengthwise. Using the red square

cut a four point flower shape. Cut the same flower shape from the green

felt. To both flower pieces cut a slit about 1 inch in length in the center.

Place the red flower on top of the green flower; fold the bone shape in

half and feed through the slit so that the rounded bone ends are on top of

the red flower. Open up the bone ends and the loop (that has now formed

under the green flower) and you should end up with a poinsettia shape

napkin ring.



Here's one we did for a local Hospital for tray favors. Take a white pipe

cleaner. Cut in 3's Alternate red and white tri-beads. Bend the top part

down enough to make it look like a candy cane. Hot glue (Leaders) the

ends so the beads don't come off, and also Hot glue a pin on the back.

Easy, and fast once the girls do one.


These are quick, easy and pretty! It looks like an icicle. Use a silver pipe

cleaner and clear beads. Cut the pipe cleaner in half and turn up the end

slightly so that the beads won't fall off. Put on four 6mm faceted beads,

four 8mm faceted beads, four tri beads, four small paddle wheel (sunburst)

beads, then four large paddle wheel beads. Make a loop at the top with the

rest of the pipe cleaner and tie on string for hanger. We also added a ribbon

bow at the top.


Red pipe cleaners 12"

8 red faceted beads

28 green tri-cornered beads

Put one red bead on the pipe cleaner, then four greens. Repeat six more

times, then end with another red bead. Push the beads to the middle of the

pipe cleaner, then twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together once near the

beads to secure them. Take one pipe cleaner end and twist it into a loop

near the beads. Take the other end and do the same, to make a bow. Add a

safety pin to make a pin to wear, or add a hook to make it into a Christmas



1 - 12 inch chenille stick (green or red)

25 - 6mm round red beads

24 - 18mm green starburst beads

10 - white tri-beads

1 - yellow rice bead

1 white ribbon bow (could be green or red)

1 - ornament hanger

Low melt glue gun

Take one round bead to the end of the chenille stick (leave about 1/2 on end)

Follow round bead with a starburst. Alternate between round beads with the

starbursts. When all of these are on, form chenille into a circle, twist ends

together. Point the long end of leftover chenille into center of circle. Place the

tribeads on this piece to form candle. Top with yellow rice bead to form flame.

Glue white bow ribbon on with low-melt glue gun. Use ornament hanger to

hang from tree.

Valentines Day

Hershey Kisses Rosebuds

Hershey kisses

wooden floral picks with wire attached (I used 6")

pink or red cellophane

green floral tape

artificial leaves

Take two kisses, still in foil, place flat ends together then a 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"

piece of cellophane and place the kisses in the middle, bring the cellophane

 down around a point and twist tightly, this is your "rosebud". Holding the

twisted end next to the floral stick and starting right at the base of the kisses,

wrap the wire tightly around the twisted end of the "rosebud". Wrap the floral

tape tightly around the wire and cellophane. 6.While wrapping with tape add

a leaf up next to the bud. You can go a bit smaller on your square size but it is

trickier. Might want to have it a little big until you get the hang of making them.

If you start too far down on the twisted cellophane the bud will be floppy. The

tighter you can twist the cellophane and the tighter you wrap the wire the better

your stem looks, not too bumpy. I have also seen other colors of cellophane used,

yellow, blue or purple. A mixture of all the colors makes a great bouquet.